A Case [Six Bottles]

The Gemstone Riesling is our crown jewel! Enticing and textural with notes of luscious citrus blossom and white florals. A beautiful flow and balance with subtle sweetness and hints of smokiness. Granite tanks are made from one giant slab of plutonic rock and the French have been fermenting in them for centuries.


Granite acts a little like oak barrels, it lets air in and they ever so slightly ‘sweat’, this slight evaporation adds concentration to the wine. This ensures the wine portion matured in granite is clean, bright and full of flavour.

Giesen Gemstone Riesling

    • Luscious citrus blossom and white florals.
    • Mierality and lingering finish.
    • 10.5 % Alc/vol 
    • pH: 3.14 | TA: 7.65g/l | Residual Sugar 39g/L

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