A Case [ Six Bottles]


A dry European style of Rosé showing off the New World fruit weight and intensity. Bright, freshly picked strawberries, covered with cream. The palate is long & refreshing and to be savoured.

The grapes are selected from vineyards throughout the Hawke’s Bay region. We pick the grapes early in the harvest to retain acidity.


Rosé wine gets it’s colour from the natural pigment of the grape skins, so as soon as the fruit has been harvested it goes straight to press to ensure minimal contact with the skins, this is to obtain the classic salmon pink Rose colour, nice bright acidity and pure fruit aromatics.

[CASE] Giesen Rose - Lifestyle Range


    • bright acidity and pure fruit aromatics

    • A dry European style of Rosé

    • Raspberry and plum aromas are highlighted with light floral notes

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