Estate Riesling 2018

The Giesen Estate Riesling is New Zealand’s most popular Riesling and consistently wins awards each vintage year. If you are yet to try it, this is a vivacious Riesling with succulent citrus blossom, alluring lime and sweet mandarin with a delightfully crisp, refreshing off-dry finish.


Gemstone Riesling 2018

Is enticing and textural with notes of luscious citrus blossom and white florals. Granite acts a little like oak barrels, it lets air in and they ever so slightly ‘sweat’, this slight evaporation adds concentration to the wine.

Mosel Riesling 2018
To taste, it immediately hits you with mouth-watering acidity, bright green apple and elder flowers yet finishing semi sweet notes of Icing sugar and honeydew.  


Blush Riesling 2018

This inviting Riesling Blush will greet your senses with aromas of luscious red berries, subtle sweet spice and a refreshing twist of citrus. Enjoy a burst of mouth-watering lime and blood orange flavours, with a touch of sweetness that finishes dry and refreshing.

[4 Pack] Mosel + Gemstone + Estate Riesling + Blush


    • Gemstone Riesling 10.5 % Alc/vol
    • Estate Riesling 10 % Alc/vol
    • Mosel Riesling 12 % Alc/vol 
    • Blush Riesling 12 % Alc/vol

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