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Alcohol-Free  Merlot


You asked, we listened. We've created a premium, smooth New Zealand Merlot...without the alcohol!

Introducing New Zealand's first alcohol-removed red wine in our non-alcoholic Giesen 0% range. We're proud to present this smooth, full-bodied New Zealand Merlot with the alcohol gently removed.

Don't miss the chance to try our first release of Giesen 0% - Merlot!

Now available at most New World and PAK’nSAVE supermarkets and other leading retailers across New Zealand

0% Alcohol. 100% Flavour.




$16.99 RRP - 750ml Bottle 

Giesen 0% Merot Roundel NZ Black.Red.png
Giesen 0%_Merlot_Bottle_Cheers_People_MR1449_LowRes.jpg

How does it taste?

Expect delicate aromas of crushed blackberry and wild herbs in this alcohol-removed Merlot. Crushed red berries and plum offset by toasted oak on the palate combine to give a light and refreshing option with classic structure and fine, powdery tannins on the finish

But is it wine?!

We want our non-alcoholic options to give you everything you’d expect from a premium New Zealand wine. So we go through the entire winemaking process, before we gently remove the alcohol. Here's how we make alcohol-removed wine.

Step One

We make a delicious, full-strength New Zealand Merlot with the classic flavours we know and love.

Step Two

We use innovative spinning cone technology to gently distill the wine into layers:



Step Three

We carefully collect that delicate Merlot aroma and add it back into the body of the wine (sans alcohol!)

Step Four

We add just a touch of premium grape juice to round out the final blend. There you have it! Delish.

Giesen 0%_Merlot_Flatlay_Food_MR1527_LowRes.jpg

100% guilt-free.

At just 18 calories per 100ml, a glass of Giesen 0% - New Zealand Merlot has 70% less calories than a 12.5% alc/vol wine and over 50% less sugar than many fruit juices. How’s that for a bonus?!

Our Giesen 0% fans have told us they love the ability to reduce their alcohol intake when they're looking after their wellbeing, sober driving, cutting down on sugar, managing health problems, moderating, or even just have a big day planned the next day!

Winemakers Notes

Suitable for low-calorie diets​

Not more than 0.5% alc/vol

Giesen 0% Merot Roundel NZ White.png

100% shareable.

One of the reasons we started making Giesen 0% is so there's truly a Giesen Wine for everybody - even if you're not drinking alcohol. So when we say this is a wine you can enjoy any time, we mean it!

Enjoy over a platter with friends, a home-cooked meal with family, or even at your local bar on date night (if they're clever enough to stock it!)

Serve this no-alcohol option at your next event to enjoy a glass of wine without the after-effects.

Giesen 0%_Merlot_Cheers_MR1638_LowRes_ed
Giesen 0% Range Lineup MR4337.jpg

100% Smooth.

Made from our premium, full-strength New Zealand wine, Giesen 0% keeps all the best qualities of Giesen Estate Merlot.


It’s aromatically expressive, smooth and dry with the varietal characteristics, you know and love.

 Get that feeling of enjoying a glass of wine…
only with the alcohol gently removed.

Giesen_0_Merlot_Bottle & wineglass_LowRes_MR1383.jpg

100% details.

  • 750ml Bottles

  • Product of New Zealand

  • Contains sulphites

  • Serve chilled and refrigerate after opening to maintain product quality

  • Contains not more than 0.5% alc/vol

  • 70% less calories than a 12.5% alc/vol wine

Giesen 0% Merot Roundel NZ Black.Red.png

*Please note that our alcohol-removed wines contain not more than 0.5% alcohol. This is the level provided by Australian, New Zealand and US law for non-alcoholic beverages - about the same level that naturally occurs in fruit juice!

If you're unsure whether alcohol-removed wines are right for you, we recommend chatting to your healthcare professional for personalised advice. Because this is wine-based product, please note this may not be served to those under the age of 18.

Explore The 0% Range


0%  alcohol.
100% flavour.


Enjoy the latest addition to our alcohol-free wines:
0% Alcohol Merlot

It's refreshing and crisp, delivering the delicate flavours of New Zealand Merlot without the kick! 


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